Coaches play a key role in introducing and developing players to the world game. Football West aims to ensure that every coach in WA has access to coach education opportunities and that coaches at all levels are appropriately accredited for the task.

There are two coach education pathways for aspiring coaches to choose from – the Community Pathway or the Advanced Pathway

Community Advanced
Shorter duration  From 2 to 4 weeks in length
 Less expensive  Intensive, residential courses
 Conducted locally by States and territories  Conducted by FFA at the Australian Institute of Sport

Community coaching course prices 2019

Prices for 2019 courses will be published soon.

If you require any further information in regards to any coaching programs launched or developed by Football West or FFA, or if your club is interested in hosting a coaching course please contact Gary Church (08) 9422 6902 or email 

Please note that for a club to host a Coaching Licence they must have a minimum of 16 coaches signed up and payed for before the course can be confirmed.

Coaching Resources

Football West has available a number of coaching resources to assist Junior Coaches. For more information about available Training Organisers and Coaching DVD’s, download the flyer, below.